Possibility of a Cheap Ecology

As part of the Alriwaq Public Art Space installations in Bahrain, a floodlight and public seating were installed in a dying palm garden near the arts district of Adliya. Floodlights, typically used to cheaply light soccer fields, demarcate the inaccessible or surveil spaces for security, are used on site to highlight the palm grove, and invoke a dialogue on public space.

The proposal for Appeal is simple - the introduction of floodlights into a former palm grove in combination with seats and small shelves with booklets - casting a green glow onto the site by night. The goal is to begin a conversation on unsolicited landscapes, looking less to the ‘build it they will come’ approach to public parks and more to the idea of ‘if you see it then it exists’. In creating such a small readjustment to a space, activating it by night the proposal argues that it is the minimum intervention needed to make one see the landscape with new eyes - to recognize discarded space as a space worthy of a visit.



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