Hamed Bukhamseen is an architect based in Boston, MA. Hamed earned a BFA and BArch from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a MAUD from the Harvard Graduate School of Design where he is currently pursuing his doctoral studies. His research is concerned with the developmental projects undertaken by sovereign wealth funds and their socio-political impact within their host nations. He has previously worked as an architect in Kuwait, Japan, Germany, and the US and as a faculty member at the Kuwait University – College of Architecture.

Ali Ismail Karimi is an architect whose work explores public space, ecology, and the extractive landscapes of the Middle East. He had previously worked in Belgium with OFFICE KGDVS, in Chile with Alejandaro Aravena/Elemental, and as an adjunct professor at the University of Bahrain. His writings have been published in various media outlets including San Rocco, the Architectural Review, and e-flux. Ali earned his MArch from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and was recently a visiting critic at Rice Architecture.

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